Review: Gentleman Jack Episode 3 (2019)

*Spoilers Ahead* Episode 3 could have been titled “Hot & Heavy.” Anne and Ann really take their relationship to the next level in every sense during this episode, which is chock full of “rising action.” They are spending more and more time together. Petting has turned into kissing, and kissing into … well … suffice […]

Series Review: Trotsky (2017)

Miniseries Review: Trotsky (2017)  Trotsky is flawed, but features some charismatic performances Key Attributes: 8-part biographical miniseries Russian-language (English subtitles) Available on: Netflix in US When: 1898 – 1940 Where: Imperial Russia and USSR Soapy or Series: Mostly serious Historicity: Depicts real people and most major events rooted in real happenings, but takes some liberties Period Details: […]