Review: The Spanish Princess Episode 3: “An Audacious Plan”

“An Audacious Plan” begins with a familiar sight – Prince Henry escorting the Infanta into a church. This time it’s a somber affair. Prince Arthur has died, and our protagonist must don the grim black of a widow. Or, well, it’s supposed to be a somber affair – the English are quite proud of their […]

Gentleman Jack Episode 7 (2019)

*Spoilers Ahead* Episode 7 – titled “Why’ve you brought that?” – has a different flavor than the first six episodes. Whereas those episodes focused on the budding romance between Anne and Ann, this episode focuses on what happens after one of Anne’s passionate romances cools. It’s about Anne’s tenacity, her “dust-yourself-off-and-carry-on” mentality. The series has […]

Review: Gentleman Jack Episode 6 (2019)

*Spoilers Ahead* This episode, titled “Do Ladies Do That?” is a paradigm shift for our heroines and – possibly – the series itself. But first – a question: What the heck happened with Miss Lister’s groom – the one shot out of a tree? Is that based on some true event in the biographical Anne […]

Review: Gentleman Jack Episode 5 (2019)

*Spoilers Ahead* 9/10. Tremendous episode. I’m truly impressed with the thematic elements and how they brought all this human drama together to craft a powerful, affecting episode. Gentleman Jack Episode 5 not only has a long name (“Let’s Have Another Look at Your Past Perfect”), it also packs a punch – metaphorical AND literal. As in Episode […]

Review: Gentleman Jack Episode 4 (2019)

*Spoilers Ahead* Gentleman Jack Episode 4, “Most Women are Dull and Stupid,” is a decidedly darker affair than the preceding three episodes. Ann and Anne’s budding relationship faces its greatest test yet. We begin, however, in York, where Anne has taken Miss Walker to see a doctor she trusts, Dr. Belcombe (Michael Xavier), who also […]

Review: The Spanish Princess Episode 2: “Fever Dream”

*Spoilers Ahead* “Fever Dream” is a rollercoaster ride of an episode. The narrative picks up right where Episode 1 left off – with Catherine walking down the aisle. Catherine and Arthur exchange their vows and become husband and wife. Their marriage is to be the glue that binds Spain and England together, part of a […]

Is “Victoria” Hanging Up Her Crown After Season 3?

*Slight Spoiler Ahead* Jenna Coleman, the star of ITV’s (PBS in the US) Victoria – about the eponymous queen – told a BBC Radio presenter that Season 3, which just finished its run in the UK this week, might be all she wrote for the British period drama series. Could Season 3 really spell the […]

HBO’s “Catherine the Great” with Helen Mirren Looks Fantastic, Promises to be “Raunchiest” Period Drama Ever

Have y’all seen the trailer for HBO’s “Catherine the Great” starring Dame Helen Mirren? From the looks of it, it will be a rip-roaring good time: This reminds me of Gentleman Jack – both are HBO co-productions with sumptuous visuals, powerful performances from “strong female” leads, snappy music, and a revisionist tone. IF this period […]

News: New ITV/PBS Series “Beecham House” Features an Ensemble Cast & Indian Setting

This one looks like it could be interesting! PBS (in the US) and ITV (in the UK) have both announced the impending release of Beecham House, a new period drama from the mind of Gurinder Chadha, who wrote the classic coming-of-age / sports film Bend it Like Beckham. As PBS describes the new series: The […]