British Cold War Series “Summer of Rockets” Premieres

Just one to put this one on your radar, BBC Two’s Summer of Rockets starring Keeley Hawes and Toby Stephens premiered this week in the United Kingdom to warm reviews. The six-episode limited series revolves around the semi-autobiographical account of a Russian-Jewish inventor and his family’s lives in the UK during the Cold War. Per the Times:

Summer of Rockets had a sumptuous cast, looked gorgeous and had some cracking dialogue, 

Those right there are the key ingredients to an entertaining period drama, so I’m intrigued. I was unable to determine the show’s US distribution, but my money is on Amazon’s streaming service – the traditional purveyor of BBC content in the USA – and/or on the BBC’s new “BritBox” Netflix competitor. best best would be via Amazon’s streaming service, as they traditionally hold the US license for BBC content.

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