New Releases: Period Dramas Premiering May 17, 2019

I’m afraid it’s slim-pickings this weekend y’all. There are a few promising period dramas coming out on the silver screen in the next few weeks, but the only films available this weekend appear to be just a handful of limited releases:

All Is True (“biopic” of Shakespeare’s later years, so Elizabethan England) – looks like the best new (ish) period drama out right now – technically released May 10, but it’s just starting to show on lots of screens, still a limited release;

The Meanest Man in Texas, Limited Release (faith-based film set in 1928 Texas);

Rocket Man (Elton John biopic, mid-twentieth century) – currently a very limited release, wide release May 31, 2019.

The Third Wife (1800s rural Vietnam) – another limited release.

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