HBO’s “Catherine the Great” with Helen Mirren Looks Fantastic, Promises to be “Raunchiest” Period Drama Ever

Have y’all seen the trailer for HBO’s “Catherine the Great” starring Dame Helen Mirren? From the looks of it, it will be a rip-roaring good time:

Trailer for “Catherine the Great”

This reminds me of Gentleman Jack – both are HBO co-productions with sumptuous visuals, powerful performances from
“strong female” leads, snappy music, and a revisionist tone.

IF this period drama hasn’t oversold itself, it looks like a fascinating look at a fascinating woman. I’m familiar with the Russian-language series Ekaterina, but this is going to be the most high profile depiction of Catherine that we’ve ever seen in English, and that includes the 1990s adaptation Young Catherine, which I’ve never seen.

When does Catherine the Great premiere?
The show’s final release date has not been announced, but HBO has assured us the 4-part miniseries will premiere in 2019.

My guess is that the show will premiere in the fall. Right now HBO is airing Gentleman Jack and Chernobyl, and I imagine they’ll want to spread out their period dramas so we keep up a steady diet of consumption.

Who plays Catherine in Catherine the Great?
None other than Dame Helen Mirren, who won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth. That’s some series star power.

Interestingly, Catherine the Great is a co-production between HBO and Sky Atlantic, the same duo behind the Chernobyl series that’s airing right now to strong reviews.

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