Downton Abbey Releases Trailer

Have y’all seen the first full-length trailer for Downton Abbey the movie? Like most period drama fans, I’m pretty excited about it. With Downton, we know we’re getting something nostalgic, a bit saccharine, but also something so sumptuous and immersive that it transports you back to the period like few other productions can.

It’s a bit too cute, but Edith’s husband helpfully jokes about it being 1927. We see all our old favorites, even the indomitable Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith), who must be near to 100 years old. Still glad to have her.

The self-contained plot for the movie obviously involves continued social change as the Depression approaches, coupled with a visit from the King and Queen. Am I the only one who totally thought they were talking about Queen Elizabeth II at first? I quickly realized I wasn’t watching The Crown and my dates were all wrong.

I don’t care how how syrupy and soapy Julian Fellowes’ productions are, they are fun. Sure they could be interpreted as upper-class propaganda and nostalgia for the good old days of British imperialism, but Downton has always served up the most exquisite visuals and music, even when the story lagged a bit.

Check it out:

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