News: New Pics Emerge From Set of Julian Fellowes’ “The English Game”

Thanks to the Yorkshire Post, We’ve finally gotten a look at some pictures from the set of Julian Fellowes’s (of Downton Abbey fame) new Netflix series, The English Game. It’s a period drama (what else!) about the inception and early days of “association football” – A.K.A. “soccer.” We already all know Fellows’ knows how to […]

British Cold War Series “Summer of Rockets” Premieres

Just one to put this one on your radar, BBC Two’s Summer of Rockets starring Keeley Hawes and Toby Stephens premiered this week in the United Kingdom to warm reviews. The six-episode limited series revolves around the semi-autobiographical account of a Russian-Jewish inventor and his family’s lives in the UK during the Cold War. Per […]

Downton Abbey Releases Trailer

Have y’all seen the first full-length trailer for Downton Abbey the movie? Like most period drama fans, I’m pretty excited about it. With Downton, we know we’re getting something nostalgic, a bit saccharine, but also something so sumptuous and immersive that it transports you back to the period like few other productions can. It’s a […]